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"As promised in our first research proposal, we were able to use ASU Professor Fainekos' S-TaLiRo Tool suite prior to physical engine testing to expose performance specification violations in one of our research and controller designs. Thus, we conclude that the tool suite can be incorporated to improve our control design process. We look forward to similar success in our second project wherein we will study the effective use of multi-core processors in engine control applications." Ken Butt, Executive Engineer, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing, N.A., Ann Arbor, MI


"The collaborative study of embedded applications, with leading researchers from both SIU and ASU, has a direct and positive impact on all the member companies of this advisory board and further advancements of embedded systems". Bob Wright, Program Manager, TSI Incorporated, Shoreview, MN


"Our relationship with SIUC enables Hamilton Sundstrand to explore next generation technologies in a cost effective, collaborative environment by augmenting our internal resources with unbiased expert resources. This type of relationship is difficult, if not impossible, with suppliers biased towards particular solutions, or through other types of contracting agreements". Michael Krenz, Manager, Advanced Technology, Hamilton Sundstrand, Rockford, IL


"Intel and ASU have enhanced the embedded systems curriculum which enables ASU's faculty members and students with the latest embedded systems technology and industry trends. The internship program, which is part of the Center for Embedded Systems, has been as asset to Intel Corporation in its role as a valuable hiring pipeline for recruiting highly qualified engineers". Bryon Gillespie, Director, Intel Embedded University Program, Intel Corporation, Chandler, AZ


"Since joing the Center for Embedded Systems this past year, Rockwell Collins is finding that the center provides us with a very cost effective opportunity to pool our resources with other companies to attack difficult technology issues. We have also found great value in leveraging the skills of the researchers to tackle problems specific to our own technology interests".Scott J. Zogg, Sr. Director, Embedded Info. Systems, Advanced Technology Center, Engineering and Technology, Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, IAs


"Marvell values the Center's cross-industry discussions and the opportunity to leverage the Center's pooled research efforts". Bill Reaves, Director of Engineering, Marvell Semiconductor, Inc., Chandler, AZ


"To date, our relationship with the SIUC technical team and the Center for Embedded Systems has been a good one. Students demonstrate an eagerness to apply what they have learned in school to apply to real life technical problems. Students and faculty alike seriously address technical problems, research new methods, and work toward solutions within an agreed-upon schedule". David A. Andersen, Senior Associate Engineer, Research and Development, General Dynamics, Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Marion, IL


"Intel has always been a firm believer in supporting academic research to advance new ideas in technology. The NSF Center for Embedded Systems is a great example in further facilitating this research by bringing together multiple partners in industry, academia and government to focus research in the area of embedded systems. Research conducted through centers such as this helps ensure a consistent pipeline of both ideas and trained engineering professionals which are crucial to the future success of companies such as Intel".Howard Wilson, Engineering Manager, Intel Labs, Intel Corporation, Hillsboro OR