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At the heart of all personal technology, healthcare, homeland security, education, transportation and space applications is a computing system that performs the essential functions of sensing, computing, control and communication. Such computing systems that are immersed in their application domains are known as embedded systems.

Design technologies for embedded systems in the nanoscale era face both silicon and system complexities, and the cross-cutting issue of increased power consumption. Given the infusion of embedded systems into all types of safety-critical applications, another extraordinary set of challenges arises from verification and validation of hybrid systems.

Embedded system design in nanoscale technologies presents a significant challenge to industry and government, as it requires a cross-disciplinary approach to problem solving, which cuts across traditional areas of electrical engineering and computer science. We believe that cohesive industry/university teams with expertise in design of circuits, hardware architecture, system software and applications are ideal for undertaking innovative research projects.

The mission of CES encompasses fundamental, industry-relevant research, education, and training for undergraduate and graduate students. The Center accomplishes this by implementing research projects, industry-sponsored internships, and technology transfer made possible by shared intellectual property arrangements and student employment.